The Issues

Doing What’s Right for the Texans of Tomorrow

The compass that guides my policy is: what’s good for children, for all children.  While some kids have advantages from birth by the family they grow up with, or the place grow up, many do not.  So in order that the Texans of tomorrow have as good life as they can, and I mean all the Texans of tomorrow, we need to be thinking about what’s most needed for those kids who didn’t have all the advantages from birth, and what our society can do to make up for the misfortunes that a lot of kids face in the process of growing up.  It’s not what our society does for those whose childhoods already show every promise of a great life, but what we do to help those that promise has overlooked.
  • A Good Economy Means Everybody’s Got a Fair Shot

  • Agriculture and Farmers for Today and Tomorrow

  • Texas Welcome Everybody, No Matter Where You’re From

  • With Liberty and Justice For All Texans

  • Healthcare for Women, Men, and Children

  • A Great Education from Pre-K to College

  • Climate Change and the Texas of Tomorrow