About Dan

Dan Epstein and his wife, Jasmine

Dan Epstein grew up in Vermont, received his PhD in government at Harvard University, and taught political science at Colgate University for six years. Moved by the conviction that he could do more good outside of the classroom than in it, he quit his job to work for the Bernie Sanders campaign in central Virginia. Working for Bernie, he learned a huge amount about running a grassroots campaign and that he loved talking to voters about their priorities and concerns. He and his wife, Jasmine, came to Lubbock so she could pursue a PhD at Texas Tech, where he is a non-tenure-track professor of political science. Dan worked to register hundreds of voters in the November election and became a member of the Tejano Democrats and co-chair of the Issues Committee of the Lubbock County Democratic Party.

After the devastating election, in which the Republican party faced no Democratic opposition for Congress, state senate, or state house, Dan felt he must answer Barack Obama’s call, “We have to show up everywhere.” With the support of friends and mentors in the Lubbock Democratic party, he began to plan a candidacy for Congress here in the Texas 19th District. He is running against newly-elected Republican, Jodey Arrington, a staunch supporter of Donald Trump on everything from dismantling the Affordable Care Act to banning refugees and deporting undocumented immigrants, Arrington supports cutting programs like PBS, the NEA, and Public Radio, while providing big tax cuts to the wealthiest people, like himself.

Democrat candidate Dan Epstein

Dan has the qualities of vision, passion, and experience that rarely meet in one candidate, and having worked with voters in rural Virginia, he is not intimidated by the challenges of running in one of the most conservative districts in the state. He intends to lead, with the help and support of you his neighbors, the most organized, energized grassroots campaign this part of West Texas has seen in many years. Jodey Arrington and his big money allies and high-priced consultants have no idea what’s coming their way, and we can win this race for the rights of the middle-class, the protection of our vulnerable communities, and all Texans who deserve to be represented by someone prepared to stand up against the Trump-Republican machine.